Single casing slurry pump

For sale single casing slurry pumps for mining sand gravel clay or outher light solids.

With shipment Ex transport for 0,00 €

SLURRY PUMPS PERFORMANCE RANGEQ-H1—PR(PRM) 12.5/12.52—PR(PK, PRM,PRVP, PKVP) 63/12.53—PVP125/604—GrА (Т,К,R) 85/405—Gr(Т,К) 160/31.5; Gr(Т,К) 160/326—GrА (Т,К,R) 170/407—Gr200/60 (6SHF7)8—GrАТ 225/679—GrА (Т,К) 350/4010—GrAU400/2011—Gr(Т,К) 400/4012—GrAT450/6713—GrАТ (К) 700/4014—GrU(ГрАУ) 800/4015—1GrТ 800/7116—GrАТ 900/6717—GrАТ 950/12018—GrТ 1250/7119—GrАТ (К) 1400/4020—GrAU1600/2521—Hr(Т,К) 1600/5022—GrАТ (К) 1800/6723—GrAU2000/6324—HrАТ2500/4025—1GrТ 4000/71-GRT-500/30-GRT-800/40-GRT-800/70

Download here the technical specs of the pumps