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Suction Dredger 6 inch

For sale a suction dredger 6 inch for sand / gold or gravel dredging works.


6 inch dredgepump with iveco 230hp engine.

Capacity dredge pump 450 m3 / hour.

Pump distance 500 mtr.

Water jet equipment for more production.

Ladder construction for depth 12 mtr (max 18 mtr).

Four (4) wiches remote control.

20 mtr of suction pipe with 150 mtr of HDPE discharge pipes.


Portable in one container / transport.

2 dredgers in stock.


Information: +31657542770





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Cutterhead for dredging
Complete construction module
Cutterhead in construction
Hydraulic motor
Hydraulic motor before assembling to the cutterhead
Boom winch
We deliver for cutter suction dredgers the boom winches
Side winches
We deliver for cutter suction dredgers the side winches
Cutterhead construction
Welding of a cutterhead
Hydrauliek power pack
Hydraulic power pack
Manufacturing of diesel driven power packs
Hydraulic power pack
300 Kw power
Hydraulic power pack
Proportional hydraulic valves included
For sale
Cutter suction dredger for sale
Booster station
Booster station for dredging
Pump set dredge
Pumpset for a cutter susction dredger