Suction Dredger 6 inch

Suction Dredger 6 inch

For sale a suction dredger 6 inch for sand, gold or gravel dredging works. Capacity 6 inch Warman dredgepump 450 m3/h with 210kW marine engine

This Dredge is specially designed to dig into the shallow waters of rivers, lakes, channels and docks, and it can be used for the cleaning of reservoirs, docks, piers and harbors.


Dredgepump: Warman high pressure gravel

The height of the water column: 55 m

Performance dry residue (nominal): 90 m3/h

Performance dry residue (max): 150 m3/h

Shaft power 110-150 Kw

Two Side wire winches: 3.6 Kn remote control.

One ladder winch: 4.5 Kn

Ladder construction dredging depth (45°): 12 mtr (Max 18 mtr)

Capacity dredge pump 450 m3 / hour.

Pump distance on pipeline 1000 mtr.

Passage size solid (max diameter): 82 mm

Water jet equipment (80 mm) for more production. 125 m3/hour @8 Bar pressure

Suction pipe diameter: 150 mm

Discharge pipe diameter: 150 mm

Installed Power: 290Pk (213kW@2200) engine

Length overall incl. ladder: 14.20

Length over pontoons: 11.50

Main pantoon 6mm (S700 Bottom / S355JRG2 Sides)

Steel side pantoons 8mm (S355JRG2)

Double layer marine paint system (Company color is possible)

Four battery a 180/200 AH



Portable in one container / transport.

2 dredgers in stock with 150 mtr of HDPE pipe


Information: +31657542770




Cutterhead 30 Kw



Electric drive

Hydraulic power pack







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