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Floaters for dredging pipeline

Looking for floaters for your dredging pipeline? We supply for the dredging industry different size floaters for steel and HDPE pipelines.These floaters are used in the discharge line for sand (sediment) pumping and offshore activities. Made in Europa from rotomoulded polyethylene (PE) in high quality and affordable prices.

Cutterhead for dredging
Complete construction module
Cutterhead in construction
Hydraulic motor
Hydraulic motor before assembling to the cutterhead
Boom winch
We deliver for cutter suction dredgers the boom winches
Side winches
We deliver for cutter suction dredgers the side winches
Cutterhead construction
Welding of a cutterhead
Hydrauliek power pack
Hydraulic power pack
Manufacturing of diesel driven power packs
Hydraulic power pack
300 Kw power
Hydraulic power pack
Proportional hydraulic valves included
For sale
Cutter suction dredger for sale
Booster station
Booster station for dredging
Pump set dredge
Pumpset for a cutter susction dredger